Thursday 26 March 2009

Two short days

Two days to go... Ooo the anticipation! I could tell you about my shopping list (planned over a 3 month period) for Saturday but that would just make me look sad. Instead here are a few more pictures from previous shows.

Its been many years since I played a wargame but I still love the sight of a well executed tabletop game. For me there is something just so impressive about a fully painted and detailed army on a table. Of course no matter how nice my forces looked I could never win a game... curse those pesky dice!

Salute 08 - I don't know exactly what period of Japans history this was set in but it was colourful and very impressive. Salute 07 - Aztec City being attacked by conquistadors.

Salute 07 - Aztec City... the view from the other end.

Salute 07 - Aztec City - The table was impressive and a feast for the eyes but it was little details like this that made this display so enjoyable to look at.

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