Monday 16 March 2009

Tumbleweed Central

Apologies are hard to come by these days. They seem to be the subject of endless debate in the House of Commons recently but we still don't hear many actual apologies. In fact it seems our politicians have been more interested in extracting (or resisting) apologies than in sorting things out. But not here! No debate, just a simple "sorry".
My daily posting schedule has slipped a little recently and the tumbleweed has been blowing through my blog. I have a good excuse though.... well actually I have a series of flimsy excuses that have added up to one big reason for not posting. In short, I've been busy.

I'm still working on my competition project and that's taking up a lot of time. The model is multi part and needless to say I'm trying to do a really good job on it, so progress is slow (well slower than usual). I'm continuing to take photos at every stage so I will eventually post a step-by-step. I have also been experimenting with various ideas for dressing the base but without a lot of success. It's been a useful exercise but I have used a lot of time up on dead ends. I'll try and post some pictures of my failed side projects tomorrow. TTFN.

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