Sunday 31 January 2021

Creating Narrative in Wargames

My gaming origins - back in the mists of time - are as a roleplayer in my early teens. Over the years I played a lot of RPG's, wrote dozens of stories to play and even indulged in a little bit of worldbuilding. I mostly wargame now but that doesn't mean I can't bring some of those storytelling skills to the wargames table. This week The Quarantined Wargamer discusses how to create a narrative on the wargames table and why this can enhance the wargaming experience.

As usual, I'd love to hear your views and experiences so please share them either in the comments below or on my YouTube Channel. Next week I'm going to develop this theme and look at player handouts before and during a game. Until then, stay safe and keep rolling high! 


  1. Hello there old chap,

    The narartve element of a wargame is in my opinion an essential pat of the whole experience. By setting the scene the tabletop action has a greater sense fo context - and the more detail there is the better! Every game that I have posted to the blog has a narrative of some form to put the platers in the hot seat so to speak. Knowing what passed before can help to shape what is happening and how it will develop after the cation.

    All in favour old chap!

    All the best,


  2. What is underrated in wargaming, is to make narrative elements part of the rules and game engine themselves, instead of thinking about them as a sort of add-on. See e.g. my own games which revolve around matrix-like gaming mechanics. Players can propose any type of narrative action on the battlefield.

  3. Some good thoughts in there. I love Campaigns for thier Narative quality.

  4. Big Lee,
    I totally agree. Even though the stand alone game is fun, I prefer a narrative that links the game - especially when it goes off narrative!


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