Monday 20 January 2020

My Analogue Hobbies Campaign

A little over four weeks have now passed in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and I thought a little review of my progress would be in order. For me, the Challenge begins way before the Dec 21st start date, usually getting underway just a few days after the last challenge has ended. I'll start thinking about what big projects I want to get done and begin the long process of restocking my supplies at the next show I attend (usually Salute) and as I get closer to December the shopping reaches a glorious crescendo. The final month of preparation usually also includes a lot of construction and priming of models so I can hit the ground running, and this year I have been off to a fantastic start.

My personal target for Challenge Ten is to beat my previous personal best of 1307 points. I had a reasonably clear idea of what projects I wanted to complete but I went into the competition knowing that I probably didn't have enough points worth of figures waiting in the wings. The opening four weeks have seen me make excellent progress towards my target, indeed I am ahead of where I need to be at this point. As I have progressed I have identified additional projects and my estimated final points total is now within a gnats whisker of my aim point.

The chart shows that I am significantly above my week-to-date target but this is a bit deceptive as I am taking a few days off in February (for a short holiday) so I need a bit of headroom to cover that interlude. I also have several ideas for large Frostgrave buildings that I want to build from foam and these take a long time to construct and will naturally take time away from painting projects. So I expect the weekly points totals will reduce as we near the end of the Challenge and again, the headroom I have now will help significantly if I am to keep to my target. Overall however I am very happy with how things are going and as I have found in previous years the challenge is the perfect antidote to painting prevarication and inertia! 


  1. Going great guns Lee! Far to complicated for me ol boy! I just paint what I want, when I want and hope for the best!

    1. Having the new Operations Room is helping. I can isolate myself away from the distractions of TV and chores. I'm limiting myself to just a maximum of a couple of hours a day (I can't ignore the wife completely for three months!) but its a couple of very productive hours. To her credit, SWMBO is being very understanding and tolerant of her man-child husband.

    2. I'm sure Toni has a secret plan for her Man-Child after the Challenge has finished???

    3. Oh yes... I have some significant decorating projects in my Post-Challenge future!


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