Wednesday 22 April 2015

Back to the D-Day Museum

On the return journey from our Family holiday in Devon I took a 'slight' detour via Portsmouth and the D-Day Museum. I've been here before but this was my wife's first visit and her first chance to see the impressive Overlord Embroidery. The museum has some very interesting items on display but the embroidery really is quite spectacular and worthwhile seeing just for itself. 

Picture Source - D-Day Museum

A Churchill 'Crocodile' Tank outside the Museum

A Sherman 'Grizzly' built in Canada

Some of the Exhibits inside

Eisenhower and Chruchill brief Rousevelt on the Overlord plans

Planning Map for the Invasion

Sherman Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle


An unlikely recruit for the landing!

German Minefield warning sign

BigLee in front of the Churchill Crocodile

This is a great museum and well worth a visit if you are in the area.


  1. It is funny that you make the Sherman look tiny and the Churchill look Huge. What's going on? Have you found a potion called "Drink me"?

  2. Nice to see one of my local museums feature... you should have checked out the Royal Marines museum as well while you were there, it's only a mile up the road... also nice to see they moved the ARV inside... it used to be outside round the back.

  3. I missed this museum when I went to the Normandy beaches back in the 80's.


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