Monday 13 April 2015

Bersaglieri Motociclisti

Following on from my last post here's a small support platoon of mounted Bersaglieri to compliment my fully mobilised Italian forces. These guys are mounted on the Moto Guzzi Alce ('Elk') which was in production throughout the war. This Single cylinder, 4 stroke 498cc engine produced 13hp and a top speed of 56mph. The Alce was a robust bike and was ideally suited to the rough conditions of the desert. Most Bersaglieri regiments were supported by a Motociclisti Company and I don't see why my Italians should not also benefit from their support.  

I really enjoyed painting these and look forward to seeing them in action. When mounted they move as Jeeps so will be very fast, especially on roads. The riders can then dismount and become Rifle/MG infantry teams, providing much needed extra firepower just where it is needed.
Motociclisti mounted and unmounted

As mounted troops they move like Jeeps which makes them very fast on roads or across country

The command stand


  1. Can't believe it's 6mm! Excellent and impressive job!

  2. They look really good mate. Effective and mobile, what more can one ask of them? Does the job as far as I am concerned.

  3. Good work Lee. I once had these in a desert battle (Spearhead in 6mm) and they won the battle by running down a wadi in pursuit of some Australian lorries and managed to hold them up long enough for the Italian artillery to get two hits on a truck to 'kill' it and hence just tip the balance. One of our best ever battles and the motorbikes were instrumental. The speed if movement is key.

  4. Will you be painting up any Blackshirts or Colonial units?

  5. Really nice unit. Superb.
    Some Aussie pows had one of these motorcylists raise his hands off the handlebar to give them a rude salute as they sat forlornly in the back of a truck. Only for him to tumble off into the dust. Aussie laughter resulted. Read it in the Tobruk book.


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