Monday 20 April 2015

Back to Bovington

I've just returned from a weeks holiday in South Devon with my family and we have had a great time. The weather was fantastic for this time of year and we visited a lot of places that we haven't done before. As usual we broke up the long drive to our holiday destination with a few hours at an attraction en-route and lucky me Bovington Tank Museum fitted the bill perfectly! I would say this was good fortune but the fact is I planned the route to take in my favourite museum and some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK as opposed to a shorter but considerably duller motorway route further north.  

The Tank museum has two new(ish) exhibitions for visitors this year and I was eager to see them both. The first is a tie in to the recent Brad Pitt movie Fury which was released last year and features the museums Tiger Tank and a Sherman Easy Eight. The other major exhibition is called Tank Factory and is all about the design and building of tanks and features several sectioned vehicles showing the insides of these metal monsters. Of course I went camera in hand and here is a selection of photo's from the Museum. 

The 'Fury' movie tie in Exhibition

The Sherman Easy Eight 'Fury'

Some of the replica uniform used in the film

BigLee with the Easy Eight

The new Tank Factory exhibition

The design office

Production Line

Sectioned Centurion turret showing the Commander and Gunner

Sectioned Centurion turret showing the Loader

BigLee by the production line

No visit to the Tank Museum would be complete without seeing Tiger 131

BigLee is a very happy chappy!
OK folks that's enough of Bovington. It was only a brief visit and I was trying the patience of my long suffering wife - aka the Wargames Widow - so after just a couple of hours we had to make tracks (so to speak) and head on to our destination. 


  1. It all looks good. And you look very tall and imposing next to the Sherman.

  2. A good tip for those of you with small children. Monkey world is just round the corner. So drop off the wife and kids there and have a whinge free tank visit. : )

  3. You do look to be one happy chappy.

  4. All you need now is a pint, a curry and possibly a viewing of Cy Endfield's 'Zulu', and your man-batteries will be fully recharged!
    ; )

  5. What a great place to visit. Great photos. cheers


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