Wednesday 31 October 2012

And so it begins

With the recent completion of my Micro Armour test models and bases I decided it was time for me to commit to this 'new' scale and buy some models. As already stated I want to collect forces for a Western Desert campaign using 6mm models with the Flames of War rules. To that end I have been looking through the various North Africa themed Intelligence Handbooks and have decided to shift my focus from 1941 to mid 1942 because I feel that was a more dynamic period and gives the widest range of vehicles for me to choose from. 

My intention is to build several medium sized companies for the Afrika Korp and the British Commonwealth forces facing them. I placed my first order yesterday so hopefully I can get started painting these by the weekend. I ordered enough vehicles and infantry to make a whole Tank Company for the Afrika Korp (I'll get the British models later) and all for just £30 including postage! 

  • 10x    Pzkw IV Ausf D 
  • 5x      Pzkw II Ausf 
  • 5x      Pzkw I Ausf 
  • 6x      SdKfz 231 '8 RAD'
  • 50x    Afrika Korps Infantry

The equivalent force in 15mm from battlefront would probably have cost me close to £200, maybe £150 if I shopped around or bought alternatives from the likes of Plastic Soldier Company or Forged in Battle. This little lot won't take me long to paint either and then I'll buy the British. I could get used to this! 

I'm still working on a few other things as well, including a large batch of desert bases ready for these vehicles. I'm also working on my long suffering 15mm Panzergrenadiers and I may get little more of these painted while I wait for the Afrika Korps to arrive. Plus I think the Delvers have a game this Friday and I may be called upon to run my HEX game, so I guess I need to prepare for that. Busy busy busy!


  1. Interesting to see how it works. I ahve often thought that Flames of war seemed better suited to 6mm figures.

  2. I'm really interested to see how this pans out. Do keeps us all updated! :)

  3. The Joy of following your blog is the enthusiasm it generates for me. Now wondering If I should start and Italian 6mm force!!

  4. this is a new project I'll gladly follow ;)

  5. Well done Lee - another benefit of micro armour is, as you can see, the cost is much lower. I think you'll also find that the space on the battlefield will allow you much more tactical opportunity than a typical 15mm FoW skirmish (such as flank marches).

    I would certainly encourage you to look at Spearhead as a rule set to consider. It has a superb scenario book (Blaze Across the Sands) which you can pick up for £5. But I'm very interested to see if you can get FoW to work in the smaller scale.

    I have an absolute ton of unpainted British WW2 troops - most for 1942 desert war (Crusaders, Grants, early Shermans etc.) - which is one of my many 'to do' projects. I probably have enough for a couple of Corps (I said I had a lot). I was going to do some late war British as well but Russ' output for Sword Beach made this unecessary.

  6. Sounds good mate. Look forward to seeing the painted figures and the arrival of the British. Then please post some batreps!

  7. Are you planning on scaling everything down, or using the same bases / ranges? If the latter, how are you deciding on the "footprint" for a tank?


    1. I'm taking my lead from others online who have done the same thing (using FOW with 6mm) and keeping the rules, ranges and distances exactly the same. The only difference is that I'm mounting all my vehicles and infantry units on the Small FOW bases. Aesthetically I think it looks better and practically I don't think it'll effect the rules much. I guess I'll need smaller bases for command stands, but I'm not sure yet.


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