Thursday 1 November 2012

I've been to the Science Museum

The kids are on their Autumn Half Term holiday this week and although I wasn't able to book the whole week off work I was able to book Monday off. So myself the wife and the kids went to the Science Museum in London. Its been a few years since I was last there and some of the displays look a little dated now, especially the 'Space' hall. It was exceptionally busy with the usual quota of tourists plus what seemed like thousands of kids and their parents, ourselves included. 

Up on the top floor there are several aircraft on display and I had one particular exhibit in mind that I wanted to photograph, a rare surviving example of a German ME163 Komet. There were at least 29 confirmed Komets captured and shipped out of Germany after the war although only 10 have  survived in various museums around the world with three of these in the UK. Me163B "Yellow 6" has been on display at the Science Museum since 1964 with the Walter motor removed for separate display. The aircraft itself is suspended from the ceiling and hangs dramatically in a prominent position in the hall making it an eye catching exhibit. 

The Messerschmidt Me163 'zooms' over the head of visitors

The lighting in the hall seems designed to thwart photography!

The forward 'skid' landing gear of the Me163. 

Although in generally poor condition it does retain it original paintwork

There was also a rather interesting special exhibition dedicated to the brilliant mathematician Alan Turin and his work on breaking the German Enigma code. There are several examples of Enigma machines on display and a replica 'Bomba', the mechanical decryption machine used to break Enigma. Also if like me you are a bit of a computer geek you'll be interested in the original Pilot ACE Computer (an early electronic stored-program computer) built to Turin's design which is also on display. 

If you have a chance to visit this exhibit and the rest of the museum it's well worth going, although I suggest you avoid the school holidays with all those annoying kids and their parents! 


  1. I haven't been there since I was a very young lad, but have to confess that I had no idea these were in the loft - just amazing.

  2. Awsome to see picks of the Me163!


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