Wednesday 14 November 2012

Desert Buildings

I'm still waiting for my 6mm Afrika Korp order to arrive but I'm trying not to be idle while I wait. So I bought these desert buildings and quickly painted them up ready for action. The larger buildings are two-storey Libyan mud-brick village/town houses. The three smaller ones in front are meant to be Arabic town/village houses, although this type of building can be found almost anywhere in the Arabian peninsular or north Africa. These later buildings had smooth walls but I wanted something that looked similar to the Town houses so I covered the walls with fine sand before painting. 

Desert buildings from TimeCast

These were base coated with Humbrol Desert Yellow then drybrushed with Vallejo Ivory and then given a couple of layers of diluted wash of GW Devlan Mud to tone the highlights down a bit.


  1. Oooh! They are nice.

    I have a collection of 'desert' buildings including a fort and temple I saw on E-bay (I think another fort is up for sale at the moment) which might set off your collection!

    I will have tp get around to painting them!

  2. Looking good. How long did they all take to paint?

    1. I did the lot over the course of an evening (between the washing up, kids homework, tv etc) and varnished them the next morning.

  3. Looking good Lee, can't wait to see your troops deployed once they arrive - nice one ;)

  4. I got to say, those washes with that texture absolutely pops. Looks superb.

  5. Replies
    1. TimeCast (there's a link up top). I think they are made from some sort of plaster rather than resin. The detailing is very fine but the finish seemed a little bit soft until I had stabilised it with paint and varnish.


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