Monday 15 October 2012

SELWG 2012 - Part 2

Attendance at this years show looked a little down on previous years but its a little hard to tell if that was a false impression. The layout of display games and traders was slightly different this year and at least one major trader pulled out at the last minute so that may have added to the impression that the loverlower hall was less than packed. Having said that I saw some serious sums of money exchanged and a lot of happy gamers carrying bags and boxes of goodies from the hall. 

I didn't buy as much as I had planned but only because I couldn't find everything I wanted from the traders. But that's not such a disaster as I'll just go online and buy what I couldn't from the self same traders over the next few days. I'm sure most companies attending these shows weigh up their costs verses their takings but I wonder how many take into account the intangible benefit of building relationships with their customers. Once upon a time we all did this at our FLGS but increasingly business is being conducted over the internet and, IMHO, it is shows like this help rebuild that face to face interaction that make casual customers into loyal return customers. 

Here are a few more pictures of display games at the show. The standard was high although I have seen most of these earlier in the year at other events. That's not such a bad thing though as every time I see these games I notice details that I didn't the first time around. 

Shepway Wargames Club - Romans Go Home - Those Germanic Hoards look pretty angry.
Methinks the Romans might take offence at this
The legions advance in an orderly fashion
Spear wielding Roman Auxiliaries protect the flanks of the Legions
North London Wargames Group - San Giorgio 1859
North London Wargames Group - San Giorgio 1859
The Essex Warriors put on the Battle for Atlanta 1864 using the Fire and Fury Rules.
The figures were really nicely painted and everything was clearly labelled which made observing the game much easier for those of us unfamiliar with this particular battle. 

Union troops man the breastworks as the Confederates attack
Southern infantry advance towards the Union troops.
Maidstone Wargames Society put on their Operation Deadstick game for SELWG. I've seen this several times this year but it still impresses me with its attention to detail.
The group used 1/285th scale Micro armour with an adapted version of the Flames of War rules for this game. It was such a good idea that the seeds of an idea were firmly planted in my head and I bought some micro armour myself later in the show.  
The 3D Printing technique used by the group has produced some truly unique and accurate buildings (and bridges of course) for this game. 
Gravesend Wargames Club staged an ancients battle (I think it was the Battle of Kadesh 1274 BC) using the War & Conquest rules
The standard of painting was very high and made for a colourful and impressive table
Who can resist a chariot charge for a little bit of Shock and Awe
That's all for now, but I'll post some more pictures later today (still plenty more to be seen). 


  1. Tell me more about the "lover hall" ?!?!?

  2. Also glad you're giving 6mm a try for WW2. You won't look back.

    1. I've already been looking at some of the GHQ army packs for 1941 North Africa. Tempted sooo tempted. But I want to have a go a painting the little suckers I bought yesterday first, just to get the feel of them. But yes...I can see the attraction.

    2. 6mm is madness! 10mm is the way to go


  3. Good series of reports, thanks ...

    Very good point about traders being able to build up relationships with their customers at shows in a the same way that local shops might do (but online stores would find more difficult) - I am sure you are right about this, Lee.

    I suspect, of course, that some traders might agree but argue that you still have to be cost selective about where you build that relationship.

    I like SELWG because I still get the impression they care about the gmes that are on show - they come round and check that everything is going properly, still make a fuss awarding their prizes etc. etc. (so I think they still get good and occasionally original games, rather than just stock show games and trader demos) ...

    I just always have to pretend the journey home isn't really happening!


    1. I only have to travel back to East London but I always seem to have trouble getting home after SELWG. Last year the Blackwall Tunnel was closed and I got stuck at the Rotherhithe Tunnel for ages. This year it was just weight of traffic most of my route home. So a 45 minute drive took more like an hour and a half.


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