Monday, 22 August 2011

Guardian of the Watch

The holiday is over and I'm back at work. Considering the amount we have packed into the last couple of weeks (and the mileage I clocked up in the car) I consider my return to work a chance to get a bit of well earned rest!! Unfortunately as the saying goes 'there's no rest for the wicked' and I have several projects that I am burning to get started, and several more that need to be finished.

My youngest daughter put things in perspective for me. On Saturday I was fiddling about at my painting desk - tidying up, rearranging stuff and generally doing nothing - when she wandered over and looked at the half finished projects on the table. She looked up at me and with a stern frown on her face said "are you ever going to finish those models dad?". I felt like I'd been issued a caution by the Model Police!

So with our frenetic holiday activities already a fading memory (and most, but not all, of the pictures posted on the blog) I suppose I had better get cracking and put paint on metal.


  1. You should post her outside the hobby room to deter any would be distractions from getting those models done! She looks like she's ready to take on all challenges!

  2. LOL! From the mouth of babes.

  3. Kids! Don't you just love 'em!

  4. It's not so much what they say as their timing . . .


  5. Great picture of the young 'un :)

    Chris from Model Dads


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