Sunday 19 June 2011

Fathers Day

My kids know me well. They made this brilliant card and bought me a copy of the classic film The Battle of Britain starring Michael Cane, Kenneth More, Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plumber, Ralph Richardson and Susannah York to name but a few.

They may drive me round the bend sometimes (its in their job description apparently) but my kids do know what makes me tick!


  1. Excellent film -- your kids are really thoughtful. I love the label "Dad's Pillbox" on the card!

  2. They've got you worked out. Love the card!

  3. Lovely children, they really worked it hard!!
    Congratulations, here in Spain Father's Day is on March 19th

  4. You and me both mate. My guys got me 'TRUE GRIT', the new one. I can't wait to watch it. Being a Dad is GREAT.

  5. Great kids! Such a nice gift!

    But I can't complain, my kids didn't forget me neither ;-)



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