Wednesday 11 August 2010

Venn will it End?

I've been thinking about my lamentable progress with painting this year and stumbled upon a universal truth that I suspect applies to most tabletop model painters to some degree. Its a hobby cliche that every gamer has a 'Lead Mountain' that never seems to shrink. I'm no different and I only managed to reduce my mountain by 'getting rid' of a load of unpainted lead. Despite the drastic measures I still have no fear of running out of models to paint.   

The web comic Larry Leadhead famously suggested that if a gamer ever painted his last model his heart would give out on the spot and he'd drop down dead. However I'm not sure if that's something most painters have to worry about. After all the chance of reaching the end of the 'to-do' list is incredibly small.

I put this Venn diagram together with myself in mind (designed under the label 'procrastination') but when I'd finished I realised it could probably apply to most gamers. All you have to do is change the proportions according to your own situation. On the face of it this is a rather depressing truth that all gamers and painters have to come to terms with. But being a 'Glass half full' kinda guy I look on it differently.

If painting your last model is likely to prove fatal then think of this equation as a formula for immortality.


  1. Good job I WASN'T drinking coffee when I read this! :-)

    On a blogging and other distraction question, how do you get the additional pages on Blogger across the top?

  2. Alas,tis but all to true!


  3. Thanks, glad you agree.

    [Steve, go to the Edit Posts page and at the top is an option that says Edit Pages. You can then edit and or create new Pages in the same way you do posts. In the Design/layout section you can open the Pages Widget and change the order in which they appear.]

  4. Cheers Lee, they hid that one away well!! :-)

  5. I think you've been too optimistic!!!!!

    I don't even expect to get to the bottom my lead mountain - in fact I've got it mentioned in my will.


  6. "in fact I've got it mentioned in my will."

    What, like "And I bequeath all my unpainted miniatures to XXXXXX and Here's the number of a local Fork Lift Hire company...."


  7. Great diagram, Lee! Very funny stuff, and I do like your more hopeful reading of its implications. Thanks for the enjoyment!

  8. The New Purchases group is too small.


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