Friday 13 August 2010

Damyns Hall Military & Flying Machines 2010

Last Sunday I went to another Living history event and of course shot a load of photo's. This event is held annually at a small airfield (Damyns Hall) in Rainham, literally 10 minutes from where I live. Although not as large as events like War and Peace and Military Odyssey I think this has to be one of the best 'small scale' events in the south of England. There were a wide variety of vehicles on display and this years air display was absolutely awe inspiring with the highlight being several passes by the B17 Flying Fortress 'Sally B'.

Here are my slides from this years event.


  1. Nice Slides, BL.

    We were in Devon for a Christening last weekend. Walking the dogs on Lynmouth beach one morning there was a man flying an R/C spitfire. It looked really good. The only thing that gave it away was lack of noise.

    Aaah, that noise...

  2. Fantastic photos - thanks for sharing.



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