Wednesday 18 August 2010

Games Table of my Dreams

When I was a child I played on the floor with my toys. Then I grew up and played at a table. Then I found Wargames and the table wasn't big enough, so it was back to the floor. Now I'm getting old a creaky and crawling around like a rug rat is not an option. I need a proper games table.

I've been inspired by several great looking tables that other blogger's have either purchased or built for themselves. I'm not very handy with a chisel so I guess I'll have to focus on buying rather than building something to play on. The current dining table is showing it's age and (like me) starting to look a little wobbly. We probably won't get round to replacing it until later in the year but in the meantime I'm dropping some hints about its potential replacement. These are mostly centred about buying a table that is big enough to double as a games surface and sturdy enough to take the weight of hundreds of lead models on it.

Somehow though I don't think our savings can run to buying the Sultan Gaming Table. At $8,800 its a little beyond our budget and probably wouldn't serve its main function as a dining table very well.

I wish I had paid more attention in Woodwork lessons when I was at school.


  1. I think this is a stunning piece of furniture and like you I wish I could A - afford the price and B - afford to have a room/house big enough to display it!

    As a child my mother and father had a huge dinning room/hall and the central piece of furniture was a slate bedded snooker table/pool table which had a hardwood top which we used as a dinning table. Great memories!


  2. Hi Lee, how's about a table-tennis table top (no legs)? They usually fold away, come in various sizes, and you can put it onto your dining table with some protective padding. The cost may not be worth it, though.

    Just a thought!

  3. Lee:
    The manufacturer of the table had a nice display at Historicon and I spent some time there. The quality of the wood and joinery is fantastic. They do make combination dining and gaming table. While not as opulent as the Sultan, it's really nice and since you said you'll be in the market for a new dining room table....

    I tried that line with the wife and failed totally!

  4. Holy cow.

    I have two bits of 4'x3' MDF which gets thumbs-up from my wife as it resides most of the time under our mattress, providing a little extra support beneath our cheapo bedding.

    That said, it's pigging heavy and awkward to manoeuvre down the spiral stairs in our cottage to get to the dining table...

  5. I am still fighting for hobby space of my own .... I have to chose my battles wisely.

    Good Luck ...


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