Sunday 15 August 2010

Big Picture : LARPing

I've never understood the attraction of Live Action Roleplay myself but this group seemed to be having a good time. The group are 'based' at Colehouse Fort in East Tilbury, Essex and regularly use the site for 'Battles'. They also help run an annual Halloween event that regularly draws in visitors and more importantly revenue for the restoration of the site. 


  1. Unique lot of people .... but so are the ones that roll dice and paint miniatures ..... oh wait thats us :)

  2. Something I used to do in my 'ahem' youth; and at it's best I found the experience far more immersive and enthralling than tabletop roleplay (very rare you got discussing nightclubs or last nights tv in the middle of a battle with orcs, when they could actually hit you!)

    However, I also was very self concious about it; and when I moved into the professional arena of work I gave it up. It seems to have got more popular over the years, but also more hardcore. It seems to mainly appeal to goths from what I can see. I still know several people in the scene, some of them seem completely normal from the outside!

  3. It looked like a 'laugh' and certainly this group seemed to be enjoying themselves. However I got the impression that the combat rules revolved around who could take the most pain... those rubber swords can really bruise!


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