Sunday 5 April 2009

Insomnia is Magic!

Been awake most of the night, I just couldn't settle. Got a few things on my mind and I just couldn't shut down and go to sleep. I eventually gave up about 6am and now have a very fuzzy headache. Fab.
By the way... did I mention my fabulous daughter on TV? Last summer she took part in the Twenty Twenty production of The Sorcerers Apprentice. The format is a Magic School for 12 children who are competing for the title of, you guessed it, The Sorcerers Apprentice. Sarah (pictured below in the centre of the group standing on the steps) made it to the final and had two great weeks learning magic in a country house in Worcestershire.
I haven't mentioned it until now because we were sworn to secrecy by the production company but the series has just ended so I'm not giving away any secrets now. Anyway I just wanted to say well done to Sarah for doing so well.

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  1. Magic show
    Congratulations to Sarah. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves.

    Sleep problems
    I have the same problems, I find that I cannot sleep, although I'm tired and know I need the sleep. Two things I find help - firstly try taking a short walk before going to bed - you will be amazed how it works. Secondly, don't read adventure novels, they just make it worse. I find that simple reading matter, magazines or even newspapers work better.

    You can also paint miniatures!

    I hope that this helps. Also knowing that it is not an unussual problem.



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