Thursday 9 April 2009

How to add the AddThis button to Blogger

I have been asked to explain how I added the AddThis button to my blogger posts. Here is the step by step process as simply explained as I can make it. [Edit: This guide is for Blogger blogs only]
  1. You will need to go to the AddThis site and register in order to get the code you need to insert to get the button.
  2. Follow the steps on the AddThis webpage to select the type and syle of button you want to add to your blog.
  3. Copy the code AddThis provides for use later in the process.
  4. Open blogger dashboard
  5. Click on Layout
  6. Select Edit HTML tab
  7. Save a copy of your code by hitting the Download Full Template (You'll need this if you need to restore your original settings)
  8. Check the box Expand Widget Templates
  9. Then click in the code box and use the search function (Ctrl+F) to look for the code div class='post-footer'
  10. Insert the AddThis code immediately after the above code line.
  11. DON’T SAVE YET!!!!!
  12. Hit the Preview button to see what your blog looks like. Your blog will open in a new window and you should now see the AddThis button at the bottom of each post.
  13. If you’re happy with the way this looks click on Save Template
  14. If you’re not happy click the Clear Edits button to return your code to its original state.

I hope this is useful. I'm not an expert at HTML (not even close) and most of the above has been gleaned from other, better informed, bloggers and websites. However I have tried to cut through all the 'techno babble' and explain the step-by-step process as simply as possible.

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