Saturday 26 May 2018

Valance Time Tunnel

This weekend my local museum Valance House is holding a multi period living history event dubbed the Valance Time Tunnel. Its not a big event but the range and quality of the reenactment groups is very good and all the exhibitors were friendly and very knowledgeable. This is the same museum that is currently hosting the Ray Harryhausen exhibition so now you have two reasons to come to Dagenham! As usual I took a load of Photo's and here are a selection of the best.

The grounds of Valance House are filled with different reenactment groups

Archers demonstrate the power of the English Longbow...

To punch wholes through plate steel!

The WWI group also had a commemoration of the fight for Women's suffrage. 

A group of Jolly Jack Tar's display boarding tactics to the public.

They also had a very interesting stand and I spent a good half hour here chatting to some very knowledgeable and enthusiastic chaps.

There were also some Medieval and Elizabethan cookery
displays. This guy is cooking an early version of what today
would be called Scotch Eggs

Elizabethan reenactors

Artillery display (sadly no gun firing while we were there)

A couple of ECW reenactors taking a break on what has been a hot day.

This Saxon reenactor was making cooking utensils and bone needles. 

This event continues tomorrow from 11am so its well worth a visit if you are near by and at a loss for something to do, particularly if you have children. The Museum is also open and is FREE so you can easily while away a few hours here. 


  1. If we weren't so far away - in South Devon - we'd be there! My daughters would just love it!

  2. Left handed archer...interesting. What´s the ring with the 5 bars attached?

    1. Apparently it for cutting enemy sails...and anyone in the rigging. The whole thing fold quite flat then five are packed in a bag and fired at short range. The bag disintegrates and these lethal little buggers fan out like an evil Frisbee. Mans genius for devising ways to kill his fellow man never fails to amaze me!

  3. I wonder if that was the same re-enactment group I used to be in all those years ago. (Regia Anglorum?)

  4. Bar shot at a guess. Looks like a very interesting day out!

  5. A great looking event, glad to see these reenactors!

  6. Looks like an awesome time. cheers


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