Monday 29 November 2010

Ultramarines Movie

Today sees the release of the digitally animated movie Ultramarines. Set in the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 universe this has been a long awaited - and much anticipated - move from game to film. Featuring the voice talents of Terence Stamp, John Hurt, Sean Pertwee and Donald Sumpter amongst others the makers certainly haven't stinted on paying for good actors. However the animation looks a bit ropey, especially when a live action version was dangled before fans of the game as a possibility for many years.

The movie is a straight to DVD release and can be bought via the website address listed above, although I expect this will also be available in all GW stores at some point in the future. The 'Special Edition' collectors set includes 2 DVDs, one of the film and the second with 'bonus' 40k material on it. The set also includes a graphic novel by Dan Abnett and David Roach. Priced at a whopping £25.99 in the UK and $39.98 in the US this is definitely aimed at the committed enthusiast.


  1. I will try and see it with Blockbuster or LoveFilm first if they do it.

  2. I had heard that this was coming and the trailers look OK, But I'm not sure I'll be buying it at this price!

    Thanks for the link/links.


  3. Trying to stay positive about this project ... Dan seems to have worked hard on it and he is a helluva writer and seems like a damn nice guy too. But to me I feel like GW didn't kick enough assistance to this project. We all know that GW is sitting on some of the best IP in the world ... but again and again they consistently fail to produce in terms of video games and stuff like this. Fingers crossed that this isn't just an extended Dawn of War cut-scene ...

  4. >this isn't just an extended Dawn of War cut-scene ...
    No, it's worse.

    I mean, come on, fans are doing better looking CGI than Codex.

  5. Looks awesome! I might check it out.

  6. another ripoff by gw ... as long as there are people willing to pay good money for crap, they will continue their exploits.

  7. There's an interesting article just been posted on the blog From the Warp about the new movie with some feedback from the makers of the film.


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