Friday 12 November 2010

The Eye of the Beholder

Despite being a long time D&D player I don't hang on every product release from Wizards of the Coast. Once upon a time I probably did but my interests are more varied now and my opinion of WoTC is more jaded and cynical. That's not to say I don't think they make great products, it's just that I'm a little exhausted at the rate of new stuff coming out. If I tried to keep up with all the latest products I'd be a very poor man and probably single too. But now and again Wizards produce a product that ticks all the right boxes for me and my first and only thought is, it must be mine!

Next week (on the 16th) one such product is due to hit the shelves and - if I have anything to do with it - will be going directly on my shopping list. The Beholder Collectors Set is a limited edition box of four pre painted models of the infamous D&D monster. The box contains a Beholder Eye of Frost, a Ghost Beholder, an Eye of Shadow, and a Beholder Eye Tyrant plus stat cards for each monster. That's one hell of a family reunion!

Of course I won't be telling The Evil GM about this set... I'm not that stupid. Last time our group went head to head (no pun intended) with a Beholder we were lucky to walk away with all our limbs still attached. Given our groups recent brush with utter destruction I don't want to give the GM any reason to pull one of these beasties out on us.

The set is priced at about £29.99 ($34.99) and is available for pre-order from various online retailers.

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