Monday 8 November 2010


I'm currently working on a German Anti-Aircraft platoon for my Flames of War forces. However I'm already thinking ahead to the next project for which I need to buy the models. The US boxed set Armored Rifle Platoon (UBX01) has a RRP in the UK of £48. But like everyone else in the civilised world I'm short of cash and need a cheaper option. Various web based retailers do a 10% discount bringing the price down to £43.20. One retailer at Salute earlier in the year was even doing a 20% discount but I just picked this set up for the measly sum of £25.80 plus £4 postage. That's just short of a 38% discount!

The set is listed as being new and unopened so this isn't a second hand kit. The seller also has an excellent feedback rating so (as far as it's possible to judge these things) I can be confident in his reputability. Within minutes of winning the bid and paying by Credit Card I had an email telling me the item was packaged and ready for dispatch the next morning. With luck I should get this through the post before the week is out. If all goes to plan, I can see myself using eBay a LOT more in future when hunting for models. This isn't the first time I've bought from eBay but this has to be the most unequivocal bargain of all my purchases from that site.


  1. The US armored platoon is a great unit for FOW - all those bazooka's come in very handy!
    Sounds like you got a great deal!

  2. Definitely a bargain,I had this myself at one stage.

  3. Never, ever pay full price in a recession. :)

  4. My purchase has been delivered!

    I can honestly say my eBay experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The price was incredible; communication from the seller was fast and accurate; and the product was delivered within two days of purchase. Fantastic.

  5. Score ! .... I have had great success lately as well. I scored an blister of bailed out german tankers. I like the idea of seeing them inside of the tokens. I am placing them on 28mm GW bases to stick out in the chaos of battle


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