Wednesday 3 November 2010

Lunchtime Warfare

I usually try to make sure I take my lunch break every day. In some work environments this is frowned upon and the mantra 'lunch is for wimps' can damage any career. Aside from the fact that I'm past caring what other people think of me we have a much more relaxed attitude to breaks in my office. So I often make sure I get some reading done during lunch. I've even been known to work on some models but recently I've been playing a simple little web-game called Tanks.

Its not a complex game of strategy. Its not even a battle of wits and tactics. Its just a simple turn based 'shoot em up' game that has been keeping me amused while I eat my sandwiches. It can become a little compulsive though because some of the ammunition choices available to the player are such fun. There's nothing quite like blowing something up in your lunch break to relax and refresh you before hitting the work again in the afternoon.

At the end of each section the player gets money to spend buying weapons or upgrading their tank. Its tempting to spend all the money on upgrading the health or shields but its much more fun to spend it all on an Air strike or a Nuke.

The only downside to this game is you have to play through all the easy levels to get to more challenging battles. I've made it to level nine a couple of times but it takes a lot of patience to get that far. Having said that its been fun. So now and again my colleges get to hear me chuckle maniacally or punch the air and growl "eat my thermonuclear wrath you little $@*&# !!!!". 


  1. Link please :-)

    Main blog:

  2. Doh! Should have included a link. Here it is...

    There are several games on this site all are free to play and require a web connection.

  3. looks a lot like worms but with tanks

  4. If you ever want to play the same sort of game with up to 7 players on a console, check out Death Tank on Sega Saturn:

    Great fun when you have 7 people blasting away at each other! Death Tank...ready for action.


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