Thursday 12 February 2009

The Turquoise Death

This weeks Larry Leadhead special cartoon [see it at the bottom of this Blog] had me laughing out loud today. It reminded me of a good friends Space Marine army, many years ago when we played Epic 40k. Epic derived from the earlier Games Workshop games Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine and was based on the 40k universe but using 6mm scale models.

I fielded a largely Blood Angel Space Marine army and tried wherever possible to only use painted models when I played. One of my regular opponents played an Orc army and despite the predominance of bare metal in his fielded miniatures he nearly always won (the injustice!!). Then there was "The Turquoise Death". This was a space marine army painted in vivid Turquoise. They struck fear into the hearts of... well nobody actually... except perhaps Trinny and Susannah. But despite the fact that they looked awful and never won a battle we all still remember that army. Which just goes to show that even a badly painted army or model has more impact than a bare metal one.

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