Thursday 19 February 2009

Blogging is Brain Food

Exercise isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I was never into sports as a kid and my hobbies have always been of a sedentary nature. Over the years I have turned into the cliched gamer, overweight and balding. I’m trying to change the former and am not bothered by the latter. However there is one type of exercise that I do engage in every day.

Keeping the brain active is one of the less recognised ways of keeping fit. It’s easy to slip into a daily routine that is completely devoid of mental challenge and like any muscle the mind withers through lack of use. I’ve always enjoyed cerebral challenges and my hobby has been at the forefront of that exercise regimen. At times this has seen me throwing myself into world building or writing a D&D Campaign. Other times I have put my efforts into painting or building projects. And most recently this has all been brought together writing this Blog.

I have set myself the aim of updating every day. So far I have only missed one day so I think that’s not a bad record. Some days its hard finding something to write about but other days it’s easy. I usually have one or two half written articles in reserve for dry days and I have been taking pictures of everything. Odd pictures, like one of a clay D6 Sarah made me years ago, have spawned some of my best (i.e. most popular) blog entries.

Keeping up with a Blog is certainly hard work but its proving to be a very enjoyable experience. I ‘came out the closet’ about my hobby a couple of years ago. Everyone in work now knows about it. I spent years keeping my hobby a secret under the false impression it would somehow damage my career. I guess part of getting older is I’m less bothered by what other people think about me. Experience has taught me that people are less interested in what you do in your spare time than they are with how you do your job in the real world. I know it’s corny but ‘I am a gamer and I’m proud’. The blog is just the latest expression of this recent desire to tell everyone who I really am.

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