Friday 27 February 2009

Toray 'hair' Brushes

Warlord Games have a spotlight article on the new range of The Army Painter brushes. Developed especially for both beginners and experienced painters these brushes are made from Toray hair and feature triangular handles. I'm not a huge fan of these type of handles but I guess in that respect I'm a bit of a traditionalist.

Toray 'hair' is actually a synthetic fibre designed to replicate the flexibility and strength of natural hair. I've never used it myself but I may pick up a brace of these at Salute to give them a try.


  1. How are they holding up Lee? I'm considering some.

  2. I didn't buy any in the end. I love my Winsor and Newton brushes and although the Series 7 is an expensive brush mine have lasted over five years and still look almost new.


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