Sunday 11 April 2021

The Quarantined Wargamer - Unquarantined!!

Yesterday was a big day for me because I got my Second Covid Vaccination dose (my wife had her's earlier in the week). It's an important and much-anticipated step forwards for this family and for my hobby because I can start to think about the real possibility of some face to face gaming in a few weeks time. After the 17th of May, (assuming the Governments roadmap isn't changed) groups of up to six will be able to meet indoors and so some small scale gaming can resume. It's been over a year since I faced an opponent across the table and I'm looking forward to it immensely. 

Incidentally, I've not had any side effects with either dose. I'm not denigrating those that have had side effects and chosen to post about them, but I expect there are also a lot of people out there that haven't had any side effects and this non-news isn't celebrated enough. So there you have it, nothing happening here, nothing to see, move along, please. 😀

Until next week, Stay safe, keep gaming, get your vaccination and keep rolling high! 👍


  1. Lee,

    I had my second Pfizer jab last Monday, and had no side effects. The nurse who injected the vaccine recommended that I take two paracetamol tablets as soon as I got home because anecdotal evidence showed that this helped reduce the impact of side effects.

    All the best,


    1. I had the Pfizer one as well, my wife had the Oxford one. We've both been fine but more importantly we are now fully vaccinated and can start to think about making plans to get out and about in a couple of weeks. We'll still be social distancing, wearing our masks and washing hands, because the vaccine doesn't mean we can't catch and pass on the virus. As I've said elsewhere on social media, this is move back towards a more normal-ish life.

      I also have to say the NHS and its staff are amazing. They have handled this vaccination programme like the experts in Public Health that they are. Both my appointments were smooth, effortless and well organised. The staff (everyone from those checking people in, through to the nurse that gave me the injection) were incredibly professional, friendly and patient.


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