Wednesday 7 April 2021

The Hills are Alive

I'm off work this week but haven't achieved much. The family and I were supposed to be in Cornwall but the 'current' batch of Covid restrictions put paid to that, just like all our plans in 2020. I decided to have the time off anyway, as I'm still trying to get through my last years holiday allocation and figured I needed a rest. So I went into the week with big ideas, loads of games to play and figures to paint. Such are the plan of mice, men and wargamers! The wife and I have been getting out for walks and doing a bit of spring cleaning and generally taking it easy. I have however managed to finish one project.

Last week I shared an unboxing video of my newly bought hot wire foam cutter (here). Over the weekend I used it properly for the first time and made myself a set of edge hills for use on my small games table. 

The two large hills can fit together to make a very large hill. Many of the hills I already had in my collection were a bit battered and no longer fit for use. The high-density foam I use for these hills will hopefully last me a lot longer, and they were a lot cheaper to make than any commercial examples would have cost to buy. 

I have ordered some more foam and I'll be making more hills in a similar style, both grass-covered and some sandy hills for use with my North African desert games. I am working on some other models and if I can wriggle out of household chores I'll try to get them finished for next week. 


  1. Take advantage of the time! Those are practical hills.

    1. They will come in handy. Being made from high density foam they should last a lot longer than the polystyrene ones they are replacing.

  2. The hills look very nice Lee!


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