Sunday 8 January 2017

Battle of the Lafayette Road - Battle Report

Today the Rejects gathered for our first game of the year and farewell to one of our number. John is moving up to the Lake District (lucky begger) so this will be his last game with the group for some time.

The Setup
Union forces have set up along the Lafayette Road in a hook formation. The Confederates outnumber the blue bellies but they are pretty much obliged to go on the attack and are facing a lot of Union guns. 

Order of Battle
Ooops. We finished the game and we were so wrapped up in post battle analysis and discussion that I forgot to copy the army lists!

The Action
Initial Setup: The Confederate players, Ian and John are confident. Their larger army has a lot of ground to cover while the Union forces (on the right) under myself and Surjit need to hold a defensive line along the hills. 
As expected the Rebs surge forward to join battle as a fast as possible. The union plan is to hold fast while Surjits Corps (at the far end of the table) turns the confederate flank.

Union guns open fire all along the line. 

A strong blue line along a ridge of hills. The troops closest are in a weaker position but if they can hold long enough then the Rebel flank can be turned by Surjit...well that's the plan. 

Surjits Corps sets itself up on the Rebel flank. His dice rolling was exceptional and the advancing Rebels were ground down relentlessly as they advanced. 

John had little choice but to press an attack and hope to break the Union troops quickly. The curve of the union line meant that Johns Corps fanned out and ended up spread rather thin.

Over on my side the Rebels prepare to rush across the remaining valley. My guns continue to deal damage and disruption to the Confederates. 

The Rebs are getting closer and I'm getting worried. My Corps is outnumbered and a lot now depends on how much damage I can dish out. All I have to do is hold the line and give Surjit time to wear down Johns Corps. 

Gunfire is now being exchanged by both sides as the Rebs finally deploy their guns. However the Union guns are better and our dice rolling is uncanny. 

The centre starts to heat up. Reb units close the gap and start to contest the woods in the middle of our line. Meanwhile at the top of this picture the Rebs are pushing every closer to Surjits troops, but at a very heavy price. Johns corps is looking very weak now and the Union scent victory.

Gunfire ripples up and down the line. The Confederates have been slowed but are now getting close to charge distance. 

And they are getting closer still. Rifle fire is exchanged and casualties start to mount on both sides. 

In the centre the fight for the woods has ebbed and flowed the whole game. My troops took the wood early in the game, were pushed back in Melee but then push back. Crucially though the Rebel units are loosing troops, are fatigues and disordered. 

Johns Rebels have one spectacular success in melee and send two union regiments reeling back. But overall the battle is definitely going well for the Union. 

Ian and John discuss the state of play. They have advanced and challenged the Union troops along the whole line but all their units are looking mauled and there is no obvious breakthrough opportunity for them.

Surjits Corps in particular has ground down the dissipated Confederate advance and are now poised to roll up the enemy line.  

My Corps has come under pressure in its centre but a Rebel charge has been repulsed and my guns are still causing terrible casualties in their ranks. Ian and John throw in the towel and concede defeat. 

Surjit and I earn our first victory of the year and some surprise awards from Postie. 
I love Fire and Fury with battles usually flowing back and forth over several turns of melee. However our dice rolling was above average throughout the game and this made victory much easier. We had a clear(ish) plan early on and was able to stick to it without too many surprises from our opponents. All in all a very enjoyable game (for us) and a great way to start the year!


  1. Hang on a second - are you saying you were rolling good dice? I demand that the umpire checks them thoroughly to ensure that they aren't weighted!

    Congrats on the win, nice pics and great AAR :)

    1. I believe I have handed my dice curse to John. 😁

  2. A huge and amazing battefield, what a wonderful looking game!

  3. That battlefiled is HUGE!
    Congratulations to the winners

  4. Beautiful game. Just enough open space for maneuver, plenty of troops an lots of action. Makes me wish I lived across the pond so I could drop in for a game.

  5. Handsome game layout and congratulations on the victory. Wait! Where was Ray? Is it a coincidence that your victory was when Ray was absent?

  6. I find F&F does give an enjoyable game. Great report!

  7. A sight that is not often seen in this day and age.....a happy Mr Hadley after a game!!! Shame I missed the game, why couldn't John have moved a week later!! Unfortunately Harry Potter land had to come first!

  8. Hopefully the Dice Gods have turned in your favor. I still have have my opponent roll my dice to have a fair game! ;>{

    Dick Bryant


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