Tuesday 13 October 2015


Just a quick post to show off my meagre haul from SELWG. Having nearly completely converted to 6mm wargaming my shopping opportunities are always going to be limited. 

So what did I buy. Purity Seal varnish is still pretty much the only GW product I buy on a regular basis. I also restocked a couple of Vallejo paints I needed...so far all very conventional. I also picked up another Empire starship for X-Wing but resisted buying more...for now. I collected a few freebie 15mm sci-fi figures to try out. And just before going home I picked up two 6mm buildings from timecast, a large mosque building and an Italian villa. The latter will be used as a settler farm in Libya. A small shopping bag but some nice stuff non the less.


  1. A very meager haul Mr H, what happened??

  2. 15mm SciFi - so, you have been turned to the dark side of gaming ;)

    That's a tiny haul Lee. Hopefully your Sith Lord made up for it with her spending. Well, your spending for her :)

  3. Very controlled and well considered.

  4. Glad to see you are turning to the Light as far as scales go. So being 6mm your haul is going to be smaller...obvious, innit? Nice to see you got your daughter involved. Mine used to travel to shows with me until she went to Uni. Travelling through London to Salute -in it's pre aircraft hanger days- we used to play a game we dubbed as 'Spot the Wargamer'...it's wasn't difficult with some of them. :)


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