Sunday 25 October 2015

Plethora of Projects

I had to share this picture of my my messy desk if only to shame myself into tidying it up! I normally have a much more ordered work space but at the moment I have multiple periods and multiple scales taking over. Actually things could be even messier because I have ordered some 6mm Romans from Baccus but I'm still waiting on delivery for these. 

It could be worse!
It has to be said though that some of this isn't even my mess, its my daughters! The 40k Termagants (I think that's what they are called?!?) are her first attempt at proper painting, using simple but core techniques like dry-brushing and washing. I'll post more detailed pictures when she has finished the bases. Also hers is the tentacled beast in front centre. She has yet to undercoat that but has already learnt the hard way that poorly cast resin can be a nightmare to clean up!

The 15mm Churchill tank in the foreground however is mine. Although I have sold a lot of my 15mm stuff I had a few unpainted models that I wanted to keep to paint for display rather than gaming. I'm painting this as a 'Kingforce' MkIII, hence the reference pictures stuck around the top of my desk. The base for the Churchill has being painted separately and can be seen in the top right. Also present on the table are the two 6mm Timecast buildings I bought at SELWG. I have cleaned them (I wash everything prior to painting to remove grease and release agent) but have yet to undercoat them. There are also some 15mm sci-fi figures that I picked up at SELWG (another Shiney moment!). I haven't done anything with these yet, beyond wondering why I picked them up! Last but not least there are half a dozen 6mm Italian Vehicles nearing completion. I'm not basing these as they are 'set dressing' only, not game pieces. These will be placed around my Italian airfield as parked vehicles.

Picture courtesy of Ray's Blog
Part of the reason for my lack of progress this week has been my sudden and completely unexpected social life! Thursday evening RayTamsin and I met up with Miles over from the US on business. We enjoyed an excellent Greek meal and an evening of even better conversation. One of the single greatest rewards of writing a Blog like this is the people I have met and the friendships it helps forge. I have made a lot of friends through my Blog (including the Rejects) and now I can add Miles to a growing list of international friends. Hopefully he can make it over here next year for the Salute show and a game with the Rejects.

Clearing the paint desk will have to wait a while as I am off on a short holiday from tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just a few days in Clacton to see family and do some retail therapy away from home. Hopefully by the time we get home my miniatures from Baccus will have arrived and my painting desk can get even more cluttered! 


  1. 6mm Baccus Romans nuf said, nod nod wink wink.
    Which opposing force will you get? Nabateans? Egyptions? Gauls? Carthaginians? Numidians? Sarmations? Huns? Alans? German? There really are a lot of choices, maybe a Roman civil war!!!?

    Enjoy the Holiday. (Don't let your wife spend too much!!!)

    1. Carthaginian's I think. I've always fancied the period.

    2. Carthaginians, eh? Nice varied army with an awful lot of different types of troops that could form the cores of an awful lot of other armies...especially in 6mm. Good call.

  2. That's not a messy desk, you should see mine!!

    1. By my standards its terrible. I hate working in a mess. Guess I'll just have to crack on and get some painting done!

  3. For once my desk isn't that messy. apart from a film of plaster dust that is.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my restaurant pick on Thursday. Always great to see you guys and a particular pleasure to meet Miles :)

  4. I've just finished painting a 6mm ACW army from baccus:

    Once I got the scheme in my head I could get a base done in about half an hour! There's also some 15mm Carthaginian on my blog from Xyston, very nice models indeed and a fun army to paint.


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