Sunday 11 October 2015

SELWG 2015

This morning I headed to down to Crystal Palace for the SELWG show. This year I brought my daughter with me as I continue her induction in the (ig)noble art of Wargaming! We actually arrived about 45 minutes early - this turned out to be a good thing because the car parking was very restricted this year - and as it was a beautifully bright and crisp autumn morning we decided to hunt some Dinosaurs before the show opened. 

The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs were designed and sculpted by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins under the scientific direction of Sir Richard Owen in 1854. They represented the latest scientific knowledge at the time they were created.

What the dinosaurs lack in anatomical correctness they make up for in ferocity.

Here be monsters!
After our brisk walk around the park we were ready for SELWG and joined the queue just as it started to be let inside the hall. 

Overlooking the main hall

Simon Miller's 'To the Strongest' demo game - Athenians vs Spartans

Unfortunately we played against a trio of veteran players and their lucky Athenians. A great game and well all enjoyed the quick play rules which allowed us to resolve the game in a little over an hour.

Ancients game from the Society of Ancients

Society of Ancients

Great War Spearhead game (6mm WWI) by Robert Dunlop & Sons

A excellent looking game that developed during the course of the day.

Cavorite Sphere & Mole by Infinity Engine

Heart of Darkness by Shepway Wargamers

Heart of Darkness

Emily spent more than me! 

GLC Games Club

GLC Games Club

Prison Break - Los Banos - Deal Wargames

Prison Break - Los Banos - Deal Wargames

Crawley Wargames - Stretcher Bearer!

WWII Company level game

Crush Kaiser - Hey Gringo!

SELWG main hall
We had a great day, met some great people and spent some fact Emily bought a lot more miniatures than me! 


  1. Great looking games, the Heart of Darkness one looks particularly good. I really need to see those dinosaurs myself.

    1. The dinosaurs are pretty cool... Funny to see the way early planetologists visualised their first discoveries.

  2. Good to see you again Lee and lovely to meet Emily :)

  3. Great father and daughter time!

  4. A very good day. I hope Emily enjoyed it and will go again to shows and has not been scared for life by the experience. Like you I only took a few pictures of games, many of which overlap your interests. But we can trust Ray to be happy snappy with the camera (phone) and cover everything we have missed.

    As a parting thought If I had known your daughter was coming I would be more inclined to make fudge!

    1. I'll bear that in mind for future reference!

  5. Look like you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It looks like you both enjoyed yourselves.


  7. Brilliant SELWG coverage as always, Lee. Much appreciated.


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