Saturday 26 July 2014

War and Peace - Pt 5 Other Stuff

Last up some are some modern equipment and some items that didn't neatly fit into the categories I have already posted (plus some things I missed!). Once again if you want to view all the pictures I shot then follow this link to the web album containing all my photo's. 

The Summer of 44 Airborne artillery - 75mm Pack Howitzer Field Guns

A Canadian GM Otter Lt Recon Vehicle (possibly a Mk 1)

The Buffel (Buffalo) is a South African mine-protected infantry mobility vehicle used by the during the South African Border War

Chieftain ARV known as 'Shrek'


The driver of the FV432 crushes his own car

British 3.5 inch Anti-Aircraft Gun

An Avro Lancaster nose section almost fully restored - You can climb inside and sit in the pilots seat

Alvis Stormer, rocket launching platform

A Vikers Centurion Mk5/2 - The first Centurion's entered service just after WWII ended, which is why I didn't include it in the WWII Allied Vehicles post earlier in the week. 
That's it, I'm done. If you still have the stamina for more you can view all my photo's, all 500 of them, in my Web Album here.


  1. Nice one Lee
    Good game today but the wrong result!

    1. Yeh, bit of a bummer but hell, a games a game. I'll post my pictures and a write up later in the week.

    2. I have my write up scheduled for Wednesday or If I forget my Camera on Monday. Did You Know that Smiffy and Postie both want to do 1/300th Arab Israeli wars (Postie wants 1973 Yom Kippur not sure what Smiffy wants.

    3. I heard them discussing it. I'd play a game if they put one on, but its not necessarily a period/conflict I would choose to game myself.

  2. Bravo Sir, I've thoroughly enjoyed the photographs - thank you Lee.

  3. Many thanks, Lee !
    Once again some excellent photographs that you shared.



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