Wednesday 23 July 2014

War and Peace - Pt 2 WWI Vehicles

Given that 2014 is the centenary of the commencement of WWI its not entirely surprising that there were some special guest vehicles and displays for the public to view. Here's a selection of those that I saw. I'm sure I missed some, but the site is just so huge its impossible to get around it all, even though we attended for two days.

A Ford Model T Ambulance. This vehicle was built during the inter-war period but some were produced during WWI

Where the Poppies Grow

Replica of a new Bronze Statue due to be erected in Folkestone, port of embarkation for returning war wounded during WWI. 

German field kit from WWI

A selection of British uniforms and equipment from WWI

An effective recruitment poster for the army

'Bertie' the Advancing Soldier - a new memorial statue erected at Folkestone Racecourse - formerly RAF Westenhanger - home of the War and Peace Revival Show. 

N17 is a replica British Mark IV from WWI. Like the Mk IV replica at Bovington this is a runner and is based on a tractor chassis.
Ray inside a replica WWI Trench

Another wartime recruitment poster

Understandably there are not that many WWI vehicles at shows like these and many of those seen are replicas. However with the centenary commemorations I am sure we will see more replicas being built and seen at this sort of event. 

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow (WWII vehicles I think) and a link to the Web Album where you can see all the photo's I took (if you have the stamina to look through 500!). 


  1. Some very touching photos there Lee, nice one.

  2. Great photos. Where The Poppies Grow is gruesome. But that's the stupid reality of war.

  3. Very impressive, Lee! Looks like a good time!


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