Thursday 30 May 2013

British Heavy Machine Gun Platoon

I've finished another unit for my British 8th Army forces and this time its a Vickers HMG Platoon. The Vickers was a development of the Maxim Machine Gun first seen in 1912 and saw service virtually unchanged until 1968. The Vickers was an incredibly reliable weapon able to fire almost continuously for hours on end with a rate of fire of about 450rpm. Machine-gunners were trained in methods originally devised in the First World War for firing machine-gun barrages of indirect fire out to more than 4000 yards.
British 8th Army HMG Platoon

The Vickers HMG in a Man-packed Gun team and has a Range 24”/60cm, ROF 6, AT 2, FP 6 and it’s ROF it only reduced to 2 when pinned down. When firing bombardments their range is 40”/100cm. They can pin down the enemy, but only harm those unit caught in the open by their bombardment.

I will probably paint another platoon of these as I have plenty of models and they are a very versatile unit, able to fit into several different types of company lists. 


  1. Excellent painting especially in this small scale the Desert War always interests me so following your posts....and building desert war in 20mm

  2. Got to like the Vickers and your look really good


  3. Gosh, for so small, these troops are painted so nicely. Great job.

  4. great work this army must be quite a site by now when do we see an army shot :)
    Peace James

  5. Very nice paintjobs and basing. Very interesting the longevity of these weapons.

  6. This blog post nearly sneaked past me I must pay more attention next time.

    These look really nice I bet you have quite a nice force now. Like James I think a group shot is in order.

    1. I'll try and set up a few group photo's over the weekend. It'll also give me a chance to assess what I have painted and where the gaps are. I'm starting to loose track (mentally, not physically) of all the stuff I have painted and it would be useful to get it all out and take stock.

  7. Nice models and a choice paint job. Keep up the good work!

  8. Nicely detailed for 6mm. Well done.

  9. As nice as these fellows are, your flail tanks are still my favorite unit of the bunch!


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