Thursday 7 July 2011

Project Hougoumont Update - Theft of Chapel Cross

The latest Project Hougoumont Newsletter has been made available in pdf format. For anyone interested in the efforts to save the iconic farmhouse that played such an important part of the battlefield at Waterloo this is an interesting read. Sadly the newsletter also tell of an act of historical vandalism that resulted in the theft of the chapel cross. The fifteenth-century cross miraculously survived the inferno that engulfed the chapel at the château Hougoumont during the fierce fighting between French soldiers and troops from the Grenadier, Scots and Coldstream Guards.

Having survived the battle, and remained in-situ and unlooted through two World Wars, some scumbags (no other word for them) have nicked it. Interpol believe this may have been a theft 'to-order' for a foreign collector. If this is the case the chances of recovering the cross are small.

There's more on this story at blog The Napoleonic Wargamer , on the Daily Mail website and on The Miniatures Page.


  1. That's bloody disgusting, bloody scumbags.

  2. Stuff like this comes to my ears more frequently this year. Now it's probably rotting in some small chamber because the new "owner" can't show it to anybody. Idiots.

  3. ...and the whole world suffers for the whim of one or a priveledged few; very tragic.


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