Monday 26 July 2010

War & Peace Show 2010

Another weekend, another military history show. This time it was the largest of its type in the UK, the War & Peace show at the Hop Farm in Kent. This event is massive and runs for five days every July with its climax at the weekend with some of the biggest re-enactment battles on UK soil. I only had a day free unfortunately but  I made sure I visited all the bits I wanted, and made myself a promise to set aside two or three days next year.

As usual I took a load of pictures and after much editing, cropping and touching up here is my selection.

There were quite a few unusual vehicles at the show that I've not seen before outside a museum. However one thing that was missing from most of the vehicles on display was information. Some vehicles had details and histories for visitors to read but many didn't. If your not an expert (and I'm not) its very hard to find out what each vehicle is. Some of my captions are blank (and others possibly wrong) so if you can fill in the gaps, or correct me, that would be great.


  1. Very cool!Thank you for the pics!


  2. The Bike is a 1939 BMW used by the DAK. Probably an R51 or R6. Beautiful machine!


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