Wednesday 28 July 2010

Panzer Lehr - My Army

I've finished a couple of painting projects and expanded my Panzer Lehr Panzerkompanie. It's taken a while to get this far but I am happy with the shape of the Company I'm putting together. Here's a view of the complete company as it stands now.

Starting from the front is my Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon. In the second row in the centre is the Tiger II (Konigstiger) and to the right is a StuG G Platoon and to the left the Company HQ Panthers. Behind them is the new Panther Platoon and to the right of them in the third row is the Panzer IV Platoon. At the back are a couple of Opel Maultier.

The company has been expanded with the addition of a new Panther Platoon pictured below. 

I've also completed a Tiger tank, just because the model was calling to me! I will add a Schwere Panzer Platoon to the company at some point but for now this Tiger is all I have. It's not officially part of the army list but I had to paint it anyway.

Incidentally I was struck by the size difference between the Tiger and the much smaller Panzer IV. I've seen both tanks in museums but never side by side. Here's a comparison shot showing the Panzer IV, the Panther and the Tiger II. 

Now that this lot are completed I have one other project to concentrate on before deciding what my next FOW unit will be. I have some 88's to paint and I'm about to order some Sherman's for my other army. Choices choices! 


  1. Nice looking army you have.Yes indeed,the Tigers and Panthers were both quite a bit bigger then the panzer IV in real life as well.


  2. Great stuff!

    I'm sorely tempted to get together a small FoW force. What's a nice little (read: 'cheap') force to have, do you reckon?

    - Chris.

  3. Great looking company. Nicely painted.
    Maybe the only complain i can give is that the infantry bases looking a little "empty". I would suggest you add some "bushes" or something like that on it.

  4. Great army list! I like the panzer lehr, but their infantry pays such a premium on those halftracks. I periodically run the panzergrens with 2 combat platoons, 3 panthers, nebelwerfers, pumas, and armored AA. It's a small but agile force.

  5. Great looking force Lee ! .... gets me dreaming of my plans of EW Germans .....

  6. Hi
    Panzer Lehr Panthers all had large red numbers on the turrets


  7. Awsome Company, i do belive the americans would have some trouble with them

  8. Alomst missed this post from last week (I have a good excuse as I was travelling)!! Very nice minis, extremely well painted.


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