Wednesday 2 June 2010

WWII Claims more lives

The BBC have reported the death of three bomb disposal experts yesterday in Germany. They were working on an Allied bomb dropped on the University Town of Goettingen during WWII. Such finds are common both in the UK & Germany where raids by both sides resulted in hundreds of thousands of unexploded bombs. Many were found and disposed of at the time but some have inevitably gone undetected.

This bomb was a 500kg (1100lb) Bomb and was found by construction workers at only 6ft depth. The area was being cleared of residents and the team were preparing for what should have been a routine disposal operation. Reports suggest that at 9:45pm yesterday a 'muffled explosion' was heard. This sounds like the fuse exploded rather than the main weapon. In addition to the three killed it is reported that six others were also injured.

This story was also reported in the Express newspaper and they include a picture of the bomb itself (This may be stock photo because I can't find it replicated on any other news sites). The main story is also reported in the German newspaper Blid.

This is obviously very sad news and a reminder to us all that the wars of our fathers and grandfathers are closer than we realise and still able to take life.

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  1. I have heard of land mines still killing people in 3rd world countries, but I never expected something like this to happen, its very sad.

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