Sunday 7 January 2024

What is a Wargamer? And is it different for everyone?

What is YOUR hobby? The answer will be different for every Wargamer. This week I discuss MY hobby and why it's OK to be different. 

I'll also give an update on my hobby activities, what has been on my workbench, and a review of the movie Godzilla Minus One (Hint, it is MUCH better than the last film I went to the cinema to see!)


  1. Lee, I hope that your movie reviews continue. You offer insightful perspectives, told in a riveting and thoughtful manner. I enjoyed both Napoleon and Godzilla reviews.

    1. Thank you. My wife and I need to get out together and see more films. Especially if we can combine that with a nice lunch!

  2. Good post Lee. I agree about my hobby being multi-disciplinary. However, I do think that emphasis changes or evolves over time. For example, I love painting but over time has become more of a means to an end instead of joy in itself.

    1. Our/your hobby is whatever we want it to be at any one time. Our interests and passions change, as does the emphasis we put on one aspect of our hobby or another.

  3. A bunch of sad sack nerds might cover it best :-)

  4. Another interesting and thought-provoking post, Big Lee. While I usually defer to the statistical wisdom and gaming acumen of "General" Jon, I think that movie reviews might need their own vlog or podcast, unless they are about historical topics. For example, the old films about Genghis Khan or Spartacus compared to newer treatments, or specific treatments such as that graphic medieval Scotland film starring Chris Pine. (Name eludes me at the moment, but the climactic battle scene was something!)

    I also agree with your assessment of our involvement and or pursuit of hobby as multi-disciplinary as well as evolving or even regressing or even (shudder) being interrupted for this or that reason for a length of time.

    As succinctly as I can summarize it (and readers of my material will scoff at that remark!), I started in the hobby because of an interest in military history. I began my "adventure" with unpainted plastics in the horse & musket periods. I like to say I graduated to ancients (and sometimes medieval periods). I also shifted away from plastics to more of a board game or color counter approach. This offers a degree of flexibility and functionality and financial restraint as well!

    I suppose that there has been growth, as a wargamer, writer, and student of history. From this perspective, however, it's hard to see or track. Fifteen years ago, if you would have told me that I would be wargaming this, writing that, or reading this book, I would have politely told you that you were daft.

    As for fifteen years from now, well . . . who knows, really?

    Thanks for posting this video and update.

    I will end with a question: Did your interest in Bosworth have anything to do with the SoA Battle Day event?



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