Wednesday 17 January 2024

French Archaeologists and other Civilians : Revisiting and old Project

The sands of the Algerian desert part to reveal a group of French civilians examining old bits of pot, drinking wine, and listening to a scratchy gramophone. All very civilized in the middle of nowhere…until the locals decide to attack of course! Then they will need the protection of a detachment of Legionnaires. Meanwhile, a handful of indigenous labourers and their overseer are working in the background thinking how strange these overdressed foreigners are. 

I’m briefly revisiting my Foreign Legion/French Colonial project from 2022 and completing a group of civilian models that were on my to-do list at the time but have sat neglected in my Pile-o-Shame ever since. I had got as far as priming and mounting them on sticks…and that has been where they have stayed for the last couple of years. This year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge gives me a chance to get these done and to clear my conscience of a side project not completed. 

I have also painted a couple of half-sized ‘irregular’ units consisting of civilian adventurers and explorers who have taken up arms to protect themselves. 

Just a handful of models but they are done now and start to feature in some of my games. 


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