Sunday 31 December 2023

Successful New Years Resolutions: And how to stick to them

How do you make a success of your New Year Resolutions? Wargamers, like other people, will be heading into New Year's Eve with goals for the coming year. But Resolutions are notoriously hard to keep and by the end of February, most have been abandoned. So how do I approach setting goals for my hobby and have I been successful with my resolutions for 2023?


  1. Happy New Year Lee - I look forward to your weekly post so thank you for all the effort that goes into them. My NYR this year is more gaming (as usual) but less gaming on Boardgames Arena as it does seem to use up too much of my time that could be better spent on RPG and TTG projects.

  2. No resolutions for me this year apart from play more games. I've not checked but I'm not sure I reached double figures at Reject HQ, which is bloody disgusting!


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