Sunday 24 December 2023

Clarity verses Inspiration: The Pursuit of Precision in Wargame Rules

All wargame rules are a compromise between Clarity and Inspiration. Getting the balance right can be very difficult, and getting it wrong can lead to endless confusion.


  1. I am not sure I've found any set of table-top rules that is sufficiently clear for my liking. In Her Majesty's Name 2nd Edition seems pretty good though (only had 3 games mind you).

  2. Cheers Lee,
    Here's hoping you and yours enjoyed a nice Boxing Day and that your efforts re the painting challenge go swimmingly.

    Very interesting video. I will have to think about it, as there is the case of being exposed or introduced to a set of rules, becoming familiar with them, and then not wanting to change for whatever reason(s). It's an interesting topic, to be certain. While I can appreciate the duality of "clarity and inspiration," it occurs to me that there is so much more involved. For example, as you mentioned, are the rules fun to play? Are they realistic and or historical? Do they provide frequent examples that assist in understanding the language contained on the page? And so forth.
    Point well made about having or using an umpire. Recall reading many enjoyable reports by Rick P. and Barry H. I wonder how many solo gamers will respond to your latest video post and what they will say?

    Best wishes for 2024.


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