Tuesday 28 March 2023

Bosworth Battlefield Tour

Just a brief follow on from Sunday's video where I discussed my recent trip to explore the Bosworth Battlefield site. I mentioned that I had a car tour planned out because I would never be able to walk the whole site. If you are interested in replicating my little tour of the site I have attached a copy of my route and itinerary. 

For clarity of why I took this route, it's worth reading this tour with my plan of the layout of the battle based on current evidence. 

It should go without saying to be respectful of the countryside and those that live and work in it. I found spaces to pull over so I didn't block access roads and footpaths, but there are some locations (such as Fen Lane itself) where there is no safe place to stop. If you are able to pull over and leave your vehicle please keep to the footpaths. The best advice remains "leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs". 

Hope that's helpful. 😃

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