Sunday 19 March 2023

My D&D Origin Story

My other passion, beyond wargaming, is roleplaying games. In particular, I have been a D&D player for over 40 years and from the very earliest days I have painted miniatures to accompany my games. If it were not for D&D I probably would never have become a wargamer. So do you have a similar backstory, or was your entry to historical wargaming more 'traditional'?

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  1. SPI board wargames from September 1975 was my first proper wargame, though I was aware of wargaming before then. After that, RPGs made their appearance - original D&D quickly morphed into Arduin Grimoire and C&S and .... At Uni I joined both the "D&D" soc and the wargaming soc, then discovered they met at the same time. I went to D&D first, with the plan to go wargaming the week after, but the friends I met that first day in 1979 are still my friends now! Still roleplay, though never D&D, and wargame (but hardly ever board wargames).


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