Saturday 1 April 2023

Battle of Le Truc 1569 - French Wars of Religion Battle Report

Over the weekend some of the Rejects gathered in the Shed-o-War for a game set during the French Wars of Religion. Richard has been creating what I think is a cracking set of rules for playing this period, specifically designed for his 2mm collection of figures. I was going to write a full battle report but both Richard and Ray have beaten me to it and I don't think there is much to be gained by repeating the OOB's and background to the game. Check out their excellent posts on the game at my wargaming habit and Don't Throw a 1

I did however want to share my pictures from this very enjoyable and exciting game. I may have been on the losing side, but the game was so enjoyable I didn't mind being defeated.

These Pike and Shot units look so good in 2mm. 

After a short deployment phase the game begins

The Huguenot line facing toward the Catholic army

Manouver was difficult but not impossible with these rules. They key was timing it right. Next game we will all have a better idea of how to move more effectively.

The lines start to get close together.

However on the flank things aren't go to plan for either side (but its the Huguenot army that comes off worse)

Huguenot reinforcement begins to arrive but may be a little too late to change the outcome. 

The final positions in what was a very enjoyable and challenging game. 

I had wanted to get this post out earlier in the week but, well, things got away from me! It's been a very busy week at work and the next few look to be similar. Some careful planning will be needed if I am going to drag my schedule back into some semblance of order. 


  1. I enjoy seeing your in-game battle photos. The villages and castle really are remarkable, aren’t they?

    1. Richard has done an excellent job with the painting and basing of his 2mm armies. The whole project is very inspiring!

  2. Nice photos Lee. I'm sure you'll play more confidently next time.

    1. We were too cautious. Next time we will be bolder (hopefully not reckless!) and more sure of ourselves.

  3. I had hoped to see your reasoning for holding back what was the strongest wing of your army. Or, for not sending the cavalry to the right wing. I can assume you were trying to lure Ray to advance within shot of the cannon in the fortress.

    1. Simply put, we (myself and Dave) were too cautious. We were unfamiliar with the rules, me more so than Dave, and it made us reluctant to do the wrong thing...and in so doing we did the wrong thing!

      On the right flank I was reluctant to charge at his cavalry because I expected the pike & shot units to turn around and hit us in the rear. That being said once our mounted reinforcements arrived form the town, I could have pressed forward and use the reserve to pin the pike units. Maybe it was too late in the game for that, I don't know.

      Next time we play I will have a much better understanding of Richards rules and how to play the period. Sometimes the best way to learn it to get it completely wrong!


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