Sunday 16 October 2022

Refighting old Battles: Repetition in Wargaming

Is there any value in replaying the same battles over and over again?


  1. Is there value in refighting the same historical battle? Absolutely!

  2. I’m with Jon on this. Definitely yes. You mentioned one big advantage Lee - trying out different rules.
    Another is to tweak the scenario and any scenario specific rules to hit that sweet spot: representing the battle as it largely was (as far as you can in a bloodless game!) whilst providing a game that gives both sides a reasonable chance. Many historical battles present severe hurdles to this - set the clock running too early and the historical winners don’t stand a chance; set it too late and the other side don’t stand a chance.
    And then some battles are just so inherently interesting, with many options to the opposing sides, that they bear revisiting to see what happens if you do X rather than Y.
    Sorry, this went on a bit!


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