Sunday 5 September 2021

Wargamers Anonymous: Is Wargaming an Addiction?

Is Wargaming an addiction? Does your hobby interfere with your normal life? Do you skip meals or forget appointments and skip paying bills? Do you lack self-control or exhibit poor judgement? All of this has been prompted by a recent conversation with an acquaintance who described my hobby as addictive. It got me thinking though and today's video examines the evidence. This is far from scientific because it's based entirely on my own experience of the hobby.

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  1. Thanks Big Lee. I quite enjoyed this. Tempting to dismiss your family member as a cheeky sod who should mind their own business, but I hope it led to a fruitful discussion about the benefits of your hobby, as you outline in the video. In my work I've seen all manner of addictions - gambling, porn/sex, substance abuse - but I've rarely thought of miniature gaming as addictive. I rather liked how you described it as a firewall protecting your mental health, especially during COVID. I'm sure that we all use the hobby for a bit of retail therapy, but as long as your spending is planned and under control and your house isn't unlivable because of the mass of hobby stuff (my wife complains about the state of our basement - maybe I do have a problem!) then I think we are like any other hobbyist who derives joy and meaning from what we choose to spend our leisure hours on. Cheers from Canada, Mike P (Honourary Reject)

    1. I did put then straight about my hobby...I probably bored them to tears, so they won't do that again! My hobby room is relatively tidy, but only because stuff has crept out into other hiding places in the house.


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