Wednesday 1 September 2021

Disorganised Slacker plays Wargame

I'm currently berating myself for being disorganised and lazy because I haven't really got anything to show you today. I haven't even got a quick unboxing video or pointless monologue. What a slacker! 😆 To be fair to me (and I always am If I can) it's not for want of activity. I've had quite a bit of holiday during August and much of it has involved tramping up and down the Motorways of Britain visiting interesting museums and spending time with my family. As always I have shot a ton of pictures and will be trying to share some of the photos and discuss the museums I have visited over the next few weeks...once I get time to sort through them. 

While you wait for something interesting to happen here, and if you need a Wednesday fix of Miniature Adventures, why not pop on over to my YouTube Channel and watch a few videos. 😊

In truth, I haven't been entirely idle. I have been carefully planning and preparing a big solo game with my 6mm Punic War armies. This finally got underway yesterday and will probably take me a few days to get completed, especially as I am filming it for a video AAR. In the meantime here are a few teaser shots to whet your appetite. 

These pictures will have to suffice for the time being because it will probably take me weeks to edit the video I have already shot. The 'script' for the film is already the longest and most complex I have ever done and all this for a ten-minute AAR! 


  1. The pictures are loverly!

    1. Thank you. This is very 'picturesque' battle and great fun to play.

  2. These itsy bitsy teeny weeny figures do look great en masse like this - nice pics!


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